• 430
  • 434
  • Custom 465® and Custom 470®
  • MP35N® (ASTM F562)
  • Titanium Beta C
  • Titanium Beta 3
  • 4Titude®
  • Resilium®

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Custom 455, 465, 470 and Kovar are registered trademarks of Carpenter Technologies
FWM 1058, 35NLT, Resilium, DFT, HHS and SLT are registered trademarks of Fort Wayne Metals Research Corporation
17-7 PH is a registered trademark of AK Steel, Inc.
Hastelloy and Haynes 25 are registered trademarks of Haynes International, Inc.
Inconel is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corporation
Invar is a registered trademark of Imphy Alloys
“Medical Metals” is a registered trademark of Medical Metals LLC. ® 2017

Applications: stylets, catheters, guidewires, springs and needles
Applications: stylets, catheters, guidewires, springs and needles
Applications: stylets, guidewires, catheters, mandrels, springs and needles
Applications: suture wire, orthopedic cables, skin closures, catheters, stylets, bone pins, small machined parts and permanent implantation
Unique Properties: high purity and homogeneity
Applications: aircraft exhaust stacks, manifolds, chemical processing equipment, welding equipment, jet engine parts
Unique Properties: low carbide precipitation during welding or exposure to elevated temperatures
Applications: very detailed and intricate parts due to low distortion when heat treated, flat spring, belleville washer, eyelets
Unique Properties: Good formability, higher tensile properties than 300 stainless steel and good corrosion strength
Applications: chemical processing, aerospace, marine engineering, pollution-control, nuclear reactors
Applications: chemical process equipment, flue-gas desulphurization equipment
Unique Properties: resistant to strong oxidizers
Applications: bimetallic thermostats, rod and tube assemblies for temperature regulators
Unique Properties: nickel iron alloy with uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion
Applications: hermetic seals in glass and ceramics
Unique Properties: nickel iron cobalt alloy
Applications: needles, stylets, pins and springs
Unique Properties: martensitic age-hardenable stainless steel
Applications: wire based stents, filters, surgical instruments, pacemaker leads and orthopedic implants
Applications: pacing leads, stylets, catheters and orthopedic cables and permanent implantation
Unique Properties: High Modulus of Elasticity ~ 34 X 106 psi
Applications: stents, bone drill bits, cerclage cables, guide rods, orthopedic cables, heart valve structure
Unique Properties: non-magnetic in work hardened condition, high temperature properties
Applications: orthopedic screws, spinal rods and industrial applications that require high strength, wear and corrosion resistance
Applications: needles, pacing leads, sutures, ligature clips, orthopedic applications, orthodontic appliances, eye glass frames
Applications: orthopedic pins, screws and cables, orthodontic appliances, springs, surgical staples and ligature clips
Applications: guidewires, stents, stylets, forming mandrels, stone retrieval baskets, orthodontic files
Unique Properties: superelastic and shape recovery
Applications: radio-opaque markers, capacitor leads

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